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About Geovertical

The company Geovertical was established as a result of reorganisation of the company Frogsoft. Since 1999 we have been creating IT systems for you. We mainly produce applications used to create digital maps and application software, functioning together with digital maps of different formats.

Geovertical generates digital maps focused on sales of integrated IT systems that use maps' data. Thanks to a wide scope of experience in this field we are analyzing user's needs as regards the possibility of implementing the GIS systems in companies.

Being open for continuously growing requirements of the customers we offer different services such as geo-coding, optimisation of vehicles' fleet and spatial analyses. Moreover, we prepare digital maps adapted to the individual needs of our customers.

We also offer access to Internet map server. This solution makes it faster and cheaper to reach goals that for small and medium-size enterprises would otherwise be unreachable without purchase of specialist software and digital maps.

Since we are services provider, we always want our customer to be satisfied with the result of our work. Thanks to application of the most up-to-date technologies our services are always provided at the highest level of quality.

Making part of a group of companies that deal with development of application software (server and customer's applications, mobile applications) we create potential that provides for IT solution within the most advanced technologies, fast and of the highest quality.

We will be glad to help you in developing systems dedicated to your company.

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