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What is a GIS?
Positioning with GPS
Vehicles' fleet management
Map server

Other applications

CPR - rescue systems

CPR makes part of modern notifications systems and system for crisis situations management. Coordination of activities of any kind of services such as police, emergency service, fire brigade, municipal guard etc.) requires fast reaction to hazards caused both by natural forces and individual chance accident. CPR systems enable an effective integration of rescue units. The hart of CPR is the Managing Centre. These units' operators besides of an effective communication between particular services need accurate and immediate information about the situation. The GIS support decision-taking-process. They allow for forecasting the possible extension of hazard (e.g. fires in places located close to dangerous objects or forecasting the reach of flood wave). The majority of information in these types of systems is directly connected with a map location.


Marketing actions or sales analyses always refer to a particular location. To get measurable benefits from marketing activities they must be carried out in a well defined place. The GIS enable to carry out market researches and to assess the effectiveness of marketing activities.

Identification of sales market reflected in space gives a full insight into the market structure and enables to take decisions concerning marketing strategy of an enterprise.

Similarly the system can be applied to supplies' management and sales of products to existing customers. Appropriate location of ware houses or division of customers ensures improved work efficiency and reduction of company's costs. GIS application will enable to optimise supplies' planning.


CRM (Customer Relationship Management) i.e. management of customers' and services/products base consists mainly in gathering and analysing information. A full access to data to be analysed ensures that all customer's requirements will be met. For example fast information about the nearest company's branch in respect to customer's location as well as information concerning the best driveway can ensure loyalty and full satisfaction of a customer. GIS look forward to CRM systems' requirements and give a full picture of reality allowing for a wide scope of analyses.

Network passporting

Passporting of telecommunication, utilities, water supply or other networks is a basic element of managing this infrastructure of the company. Finding a location on the map basing on schematic diagram, finding elements on the scheme basing on map location, network designing and analysing the existing infrastructure is a basic functionality of GIS systems applied in these sectors.

The situation is more complicated in case of sewage systems. Here, besides the passporting another very important factor is setting runoffs. Basing on a digital map that contains height data these functions can be are easily implemented. GIS are destined to face all those opportunities providing for much more than briefly described in above.

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