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Map server

In the days when Internet surrounds us, it would be difficult not to note the fast developing market of products and services made available throughout the Internet. Showing your customer an interactive location map of your company's branches or shops makes your commercial offer even more attractive in respect to your competitors.

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Functionality of an interactive map needs not to be limited only to presentation of your company's location. Internet technologies enable right now to develop a system in such a way, that the map service would provide full functionality of a "desktop" type application. These technologies have already been appreciated by courier companies and companies that deal with objects' monitoring. Your company can also be one of the enterprises that face the future and offer their customers a comfortable service or search facility of the closest branch location.

Interactive map systems do not necessarily require the purchase of digital maps, or making available the dedicated map servers. Usage of servers of the GIS systems providers becomes more and more popular. Such solution will enable you to enrich your offer engaging relatively low expenditure (depending only on server usage i.e. interest for certain service).


In practise the applications of interactive maps in internet is unlimited. The limits are determined only by human visions and creativity (who have suspected several years ago that the e-banks would become so popular). Especially as each event is always located in space i.e. on a map.

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