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Positioning with GPS


In the days of outer space conquers, more and more often we can hear about placing a new satellite on the circumferential orbit and access to the GPS devices becomes more and more popular. The abbreviation GPS comes from Global Positioning System working on the basis of satellites.

A signal for a satellite is being received by the GPS devices that decode the signal and transform it into geographical coordinates. The geographical coordinates indicated by GPS in the simplest case define location in space in the WGS84 frame of reference (Word Geodetic System 1984). Everyone interested in the details of the WGS84 frame of reference, should refer to specialist geodetic elaborations.

GPS Application

On the basis of coordinates for GPS device we are able to precisely locate objects or events on a digital map (of course the grade of accuracy depends on the technical parameters of the device and its producer). By using digital maps we can reach the effect of the so called reverse geo-coding. This process consists in searching for the closest address, street, place etc. basing on the geographical coordinates.

The advantages of GPS and the reverse geo-coding are being used in objects' tracking and monitoring systems. Many Polish companies like Liberty, Auto-Guard, Mobitel, Monitel, FINDER, Ker, Keratronik have already implemented and used this technology. In the West European countries the cars' navigation systems that benefit from the above mentioned technology become more and more popular.

GPS got already well settled in many business sectors and use of GPS requires application of adequate digital maps. One of the characteristics of such maps is their high accuracy and their settling within the WGS84 frame of reference. Putting the GPS, digital maps, data transmission infrastructure as well as data management system together provides many opportunities of created modern monitoring system, vehicles' fleet management, property and persons security or navigation.

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