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What is geo-coding?

Geo-coding is a process in which address data are being translated in geographical coordinates. The most frequently, this process is used in the automatic translation of address data of objects recorded in the database. Thanks to the geo-coding we get information on objects' spatial location (coordinates x and y). Basing on the received data we can create a digital map of objects of our interest. The geo-coding can be carried out also on the basis of an institution's name (place name required) or a zip code (locating according to zip code region).

Re-engineering of geo-coding

The geo-coding re-engineering is just opposite to the geo-coding process. Thanks to re-engineering we can transform the geographical coordinates to descriptive information (most commonly address data). The most frequently the coordinates can be recorded on GPS devices. The process of reverse geo-coding serves for systems used for monitoring of objects' location (gaining descriptive information concerning address data). Frequently changing locations of objects are characteristic for these systems. Therefore the geo-coding re-engineering usually is a mechanism that is operated at the background of the IT system.

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